There can be so many reasons when your printer is offline. In the world where we are so dependent on the printing process digitally, it is a common problem that sometimes your printer does not work properly. In this content we describe you, If your printer is offline – what can you do?

The reasons why your printer is offline are described step by step here:

*1.Basic check 

The very first step you can take is that you can check if your printer must be properly connected to your computer, you can also change the USB port and restart your computer.

*2. Reset printer queue*

Sometimes a failed print job can cause your printer to appear offline. In this case, resetting the print queue can help. To do this, navigate to the printer settings on your computer and delete any pending print jobs .

*3. Update printer driver*

Outdated or faulty printer drivers can also cause your printer to appear offline. Check the manufacturer’s website for updates and install them if necessary.

*4. Set printer as default printer*

Make sure your printer is set as the default printer. This setting can be changed if you have recently installed a new printer or updated your operating system.

*5. Contact Technical Support*

After trying all the above steps, if your printer problem persists, you should contact an experienced printer technician to fix your printer problem.

Your PC cannot find your network printer. This may be due to your network connection or printer setting. Here are some tips to help you successfully establish your device.

Find network printers on your PC

Sometimes this problem occurs due to network connection or missing drivers of the computer.

Check if you can connect your printer to the network-

After setting up a wired or wireless printer, you can print a test report, which is possible with almost all printers. So you can check whether you are connected to the network or not

  • Install  printer driver-

In some cases, you may need to install a driver even if you don’t connect your printer directly to your PC using your USB cable. If there is no driver on the CD, you can always find the drivers on the relevant manufacturer’s website. Here are some of the most well-known printer manufacturers: HP, Canon and Epson.

  •  Manually enter the printer’s address network

To do this, please click on “The desired printer is not listed in the setup wizard”. In the next step, you can enter the printer’s address manually using the „Add printer manually via TCP/IP“ option. You can find the address in the printer test report.

You can also improve the connection by restarting the router.

If after following all of these steps the problem persists and you still cannot connect to the network printer , there are probably access restrictions in the router. Please read about this in

Device manual.

Change default printer – Here’s how

When you install a printer, Windows automatically sets an installed printer as your default printer. We’ll show you how you can change it, for example to quickly print something from the Internet, Word or another program.  

How to set up your default printer.

  •  First, click the “Start” button, select the “Control Panel”.
  •  In the Hardware and Sound menu click on “Show device and printer”.
  • All available printers are displayed. You must have previously connected the printer you want to select as default and installed the driver on the computer.
  • Right-click your preferred printer. A context menu appears with various options. Here select “Set as default printer”
  • The green tick now jumps from the old default printer to the new one. This confirms that you have successfully changed the default printer.


Why does it say my printer is offline?

If your printer is offline or your computer is not communicating with the printer, it may be due to loose cable connections, an outdated printer driver, or an outdated operating system. You can solve this problem using the HP Smart app, which automatically diagnoses the HP printer offline connection problem and fixes it in Windows operating system.

How do I reconnect my printer offline?

  • Check the printer, cables and ports.
  • Check your internet connection.
  • Restart your printer and computer. 
  • Set the printer as default. 
  • Remove any pending print jobs. 
  • Run the printer troubleshooter.
  • Uncheck “Use printer offline mode.”
  • Remove and reinstall the printer.

Why is my printer connected but not printing?

If your printer is not printing, the first thing you need to do is check whether your printer is properly connected to your device. If this is the case

If you are using a wired printer, please check your printer’s cables and ports. You can also change the USB port and send the print command again. if you have Windows 10 on your computer. You can also run the troubleshooter by opening the Print and Scan pane in the Control Panel menu.


It can be frustrating to come across a printer that won’t print, but with a little patience and the right methods, you can easily troubleshoot and resolve your printer malfunctions. We have set ourselves the goal of

to provide you with some practical solutions to troubleshoot your printer malfunctions. Sometimes updating or reinstalling printer drivers can resolve the printer compatibility issue. Additionally

You can check printer settings such as paper size and print quality to avoid further complications.

So next time you come across the “Printer is offline” message, don’t panic. Instead, follow the steps outlined in this article and with any luck, your printer will soon be up and running again. 

Remember the words: „Printer is offline – what to do?“ You now have the answers and can approach the problem with calm and confidence. Don’t let technical difficulties get you down and keep printing

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